Kinder Landing 2.0: Time off

How it works

For every full working year, based on a full-time position, you’re entitled to 20 vacation days.

Communicate in a crystal clear manner: agreeing on the dates with the rest of your team first and Laura second. When you all agree on the dates, put it on the Google Calendar!

We want you to take enough rest to reload and recharge so you can be at your prime when working. Taking enough rest is as important as giving it your all when working. The well known on and off switch :)

National holidays

These are the days you have off, without having to use your vacation days:

    • First Christmas day (Tuesday the 25th of December 2018)
    • Second Christmas day (Wednesday the 26th of December 2018)
    • New Year’s Day (Tuesday the 1st of January 2019)
    • Kingsday (Saturday the 27th of April 2019)

* Please note that you don’t have to worry about needing to use your vacation days for religious holidays. They are not on our standard list of official holidays, but you can always come and talk to Laura about taking these days off.